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Katsucon Sunday

Spaz juice
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CR took my laptop to browse pr0n, and I didn't get it back until this morning. I bought "Spaz juice," but I still succumbed to sleep by 1am. Man, I suck. I knew I should have napped.

I am having a great time. I love conventions, I love my friends, and I love my people (staff and fans alike). I got a callback hello from an old contact with the RPI Anime club who remembers me from the pre-reg days, and what a headache we used to have getting his club to give him new addresses and such. Heh.

So many memories. Where do I begin?

To get the basics out of the way, my breathing is at about 80%, and my ankles went down to 60% :(. But I brought my brace, so it's all good.

Leaving off from Friday night, anyarm, her friend Brian, and aksident went down and danced to the tunes joeanon was spinning. I danced as much as I could, but my breathing was still off, and my ankles started to give way (but I wore my brace, so I was able to still move around). I made it last about an hour and a half until 1:30, although my spirit was willing to make it until 4am. I have got to get out and dance more. There's such a better atmosphere when you have a DJ who is playing the crowd, it's like a religious experience.

I woke up Saturday Morning around 10, and went to the Merchant's Hall. This year, sadly, most of the merchants were... euh. There weren't many unique ones, although there was a girl selling great handmade cat ears. aksident was bored, but then again, she didn't have much anime to compare it to. I did hear from a lot of people how "out" the hentai was. I wasn't looking for hentai, but I did see one table that was selling hentai video games as a "2 fer 1" sale. I got some buttons that are anime emoticons, some Jap Snax (the selection wasn't so hot, and one guy was selling expired food).

They we helped out at lunch for the staff suite. Then I took CR through the dealer's room. He's 16 now, and on his own much of the time. My first con away from home was Balticon 18 (I think, or 19), and I was 15 years old completely unsupervised by adults in a hotel room with 13 other students. He was in his own room with his friend Eugene, and later Brian.

I got to see ninjacooter and karmaidolman stop by, as well as Ellen, mysticpaws, dagohper, Tammy, bulsi, and theimp79. As I type this, ninjacooter is in the staff suite being LOUD! AGAIN! But I do love her, she's like one of our best family friends, and I was so glad she could make it. She stayed overnight with aksident, and I really wanted them to spend time together alone, which was good.

Later on, takayla and I went down to present the AMV awards. I did the intro, pumped the audience up, and tayala did the award for best romance. Then I was so tired. My legs hurt, my back hurt, and I just wanted to stay well, so I hung out for a bit in the staff suite, and then went to bed.

I woke up this morning, and relaxed a bit before heading down to the merchant's hall again with takayla. Later on today, we're wrapping this con up, and then heading on down to the after-con party down at the DC Hard Rock Cafe before heading home.

I miss my cats. Latte and Taboo, especially.
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