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New Time Zone! Same Blog!

The ride homeMan, I think as the day unfolds, we’re going to find some weird time zone problems nobody foresaw. This time zone change kind of snuck up on people. I won’t claim it’s a Y2K-impact type of issue like FOX news did all weekend. The biggest impact and fix of a time zone change is just manually adjusting a computer clock by an hour, whereas Y2K was the computer or software could NOT be fixed without serious reprogramming of how it could tell the difference between 1901 and 2001 since it only saw the last two digits of the year.

But traffic to the Metro station? Very light. I kept thinking, “did this many people not reset their alarm clocks? Is today some minor federal holiday I didn’t pay attention to? Then I got ON the Metro rail and knew all was normal because the Metro train stopped and started like it was broken. The Orange Line was a mess this morning. A trip that should have taken me 35 minutes took almost twice that, and the Red Line going in the other direction looked bad because the platform was packed with angry commuters.

Then the elevators in our building are having problems. I had to wait almost 10 minutes for one when normally I never wait more than 30 seconds. Luckily, there was only me and one other guy; just a few minutes ago, I heard the lobby was packed with angry people. Our lobby is never packed except during the holiday party and fire drills.

Some of my servers also didn’t fare well. DNS stopped updating. Backups failed. Cat and dogs aren’t living together yet, but have been seen eyeing the same newspaper want ads for roommates, so only minor hysteria (that’s an in-joke for my sci-fi fans).

This weekend was pretty busy. I think I’ll make different entries for the various events that occurred.
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