punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Some weekend wrap-up

Let's see. I had some other interesting stuff happen...

Friday I babysat the Heare Kids while the adults played games upstairs. I burned out of games by 1990 after 15 years of D&D, so I didn't mind taking care of the kids. We watched "Ah My Goddess: The Movie." It seems aksident was too cool to hang out with us, and went ice skating with her friends, so I hung out with Scarlet, Kieran, and Spike. CR was in New York.

BTW: If you were watching the Today show on Saturday morning, and thought you saw someone familiar? Yes, that was my son. Hee! He made it on the Today Show. Screen caps to come later.

Saturday, we went to the Katsucon Dead Dog Meeting, and I already wrote about that. stodgycat drove takayla, cyaneyed, and I to Baltimore, and I deeply thank him for driving us. Afterwards, we all at at the at steakhouse with a lot of steers and hooked up with the rest of the Heares. Then the Heare children and aksident hung out with me at home while stodgycat went to Manassas to pick up some laptops, and cheesy_reads went to have coffee with takayla. CR came home from New York, and showed me his pictures, which I will post shortly. He also got me a Cinnibon.

One of the things he expressed was traveling places without me wasn't as fun. "I think dad would like that," he would say. Most of the pictures he took were things he thought I'd like. Man, we started doing that when he was like 2. Nice to know I still have that kind of importance [sniff].

Sunday I had to stay up to babysit some servers through the new time zone change, which didn't end well, but I got them all fixed today... hopefully. Then I woke up around 11am to get ready to meet ironkite, his huge papasan, and his freshly-brewed coffee (he roasted the beans himself). I showed him my deck, and we talked with thedreamymoon's soul, which we had trapped in a cell phone. I get to see HER next weekend. Yay!

Man, next weekend is already planned out. There's lohquesse's St. Patty's Day party, then there's aksident's party, I see thedreamymoon on Sunday, and who knows what else. Thank goodness takayla keeps track of it all.
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