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So, Friday I stayed home from work. I hadn't slept, and there was no way in hell I was going to work with only one hour of sleep; I did that before last week, and I literally lost a day in my head. And as you can see by this posting, my insomnia has suddenly taken on a very strong turn. Part of this is probably that I ran out of my blood pressure and allergy medicine.

I slept most of Friday. I was awake enough for Scarlet to come over, and she was staying the night. I spent a brief time with her, Kieran, stodgycat, and stodgyspike before she was left alone in my care (takayla was having coffee with cyaneyed and her poker buddy James).

Scarlet and I watched "Ah My Goddess: The Movie." I would have shown her the series, but I am missing my tape that has episodes 1&2. I figured that was pretty PG and girly, but not pandering. She enjoyed the first half of the movie I showed her last weekend, and now we watched the whole thing. She really liked it, but I think a lot of concepts about what true love is was a little over her head. She saw a lot of parallels between her and her older sister when it came to Skuld and Belldandy. Scarlet really opened up to me, and while many people would think an 8-year old girl has nothing to say, they would be wrong. While I know children don't have as much experience as I do, I still think they have a lot of teach me. I got some insight to the third grade, but it took a lot of questions initially to get her to open up. It's also nice to know she's remembered the safety advice I gave her about kidnapping prevention and some first aid.

Later in the evening, cyaneyed and James returned with takayla, and we hung out until 2am, chatting away.

Saturday, I awoke at about 5am with a blistering headache I only wish I could attribute to migraines. It was most likely sinus pressure. Our pharmacy was out of Zyrtec, and I won't be able to get some until later in the week. I managed to get some rest, but I was happy when takayla took her out to get their nails done.

Another thing about having "normal" kids stay overnight with us: we keep forgetting normal people eat breakfast. Since takayla and I kind of grew up without eating breakfasts, we sort of forget it exists. I think many of the Heare kids who have stayed with us now understand we are late sleepers, but I feel embarrassed they are so patient and polite while probably hungry. "Um... do you guys eat?" They probably wonder how we got fat.

Later on, takayla returned with Scarlet, and then had to leave to get our oil changed. My headache had subsided to a dull roar. I decided to risk showing her "Howl's Moving Castle," after viewing it a few nights before to see if anything would be scary ("Princess Mononoke" was too scary for her, for reasons I consider reasonable). She got bored because it was dialog-heavy, and wanted to play video games, so, no, I don't think it was scary. I might still bring it over some night I sit the kids.

Then takayla came home, and needed to nap. After her nap, we dropped Scarlet off, and then headed to the Saint Patrick's party at lohquesse and moliarity's house. We got invited for years, and something always came up. This year we were resolved to make it, and so we did. There was a lot of good food and company. Some of the people we saw there were Bruce and Cheryl Evry, tth, aylinn, bouncygryphon, wjb3, and mysticpaws.

We left that party early to get to aksident's 13th birthday party. Bruce and Cheryl followed us. That was a lot of fun. The usual gang of misfits attended: Denise, Lee, John and his girlfriend Amy... a few people I don't remember, and cyaneyed and James joined later on in the evening.

Our family finally tottered home, tired and worn out around midnight. I slept for about two hours before my head started to pound again, my stomach got sick, and I decided to get up and try and type this off. This seems to have worked, but I don't know if I want to go to sleep, since thedreamymoon and her new boyfriend will be showing up and catching up with us.
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