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The weekend at the Zoo and MSD (same thing)

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Got a bad ankle? Angry at your ankle for making you feel bad an limp a lot in bad weather? Into SI but just don't have the money for razors? Add a dose of male machismo and anger the ankle gods by walking around Rock Creek Park in DC. It's our crappy version of a wooded downtown San Fransisco. Lots of hills... lots of... ankle-bending, twisting, "oh no you don't fat man" hills...

Well, I promised CR we'd have a day together, and what with our busy social schedule, I had to drive an no-holds-barred iron stake into Saturday as "nobody plan anything." CR . We hadn't been to the Zoo since... well, since 1994 I think. He was barely out of toddlerhood. What a crime; I should be going to the zoo at least once a year, what the hell?

I remembered some things intelligently. I remembered that if you hate walking uphill and wearing out before you get to the Zoo entrance, you get off at Cleveland Park, and NOT Woodley-Park/Zoo. Then walk down Constitution Avenue for a bit, past the Uptown Theater (which still seems to be a one-movie, single theater house... I hope it never changes), cross a bridge, and turn left at the second Zoo entrance (the first is for their parking lot). It's a nice, gentle downhill stroll through parts of Adams Morgan (I think, lots of expensive pre-war buildings). I remembered food was pricey. A happy-meal sized lunch (small burger, small fires, huge drink) is $8.20. I know all Smithsonian public buildings have no entrance fee, but they have to make up for it somewhere. Wow... so expensive.

The Zoo has changed in a lot of ways, and stayed the same in others. I don't know when you were there last, so I won't go into detail. I had as good a time as my ankle would hold out, and surprisingly, it did hold out more than my feet did. It only hurt when I STOPPED walking.

And I did that at the MSD Party. Right after DC, CR and I were picked up by mousecat0 and her daughter Bridget (did I spell that right?), where we met up with various MSD folk I won't list here because I am lazy with the LJ tags tonight. The usual gang of idiots. :-P I learned that there's no GenCon this year, which while a little disappointing, I fully support the decision given the circumstances. I really liked the corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. God, I love a cook who knows what "rare" means... "Go raibh míle maith agat," tth!

Sunday, my ankle was in BAAAAAD shape. What a mess. My whole shin was swollen and my ankle barely had a turning radius of 10 degrees. I slept a LOT until about 1pm, when my ankle felt a lot better. I went to Starbucks to meet with Kenny and mysticpaws. mysticpaws and takayla had gone cabin-hunting and had just returned. I stayed with Kenny for a little bit after they other two left, and then I spent the rest of the evening at home.
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