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Links - Twinks and Thinks

I am on some conference call, and bored. But I am not just making this subject rhyme, I am serious, because this is some seriously weird music:

"One day I bought an old toy piano at a flea market. I liked it so much that I began collecting and writing little tunes on them. Soon I invited friends to play along, and thus was born a project by the name of twink."


Seriously twisted. This kind of music goes on in my head while listening to people sometimes. Notice one of the tribute pieces is, "Welcome to the Jingle." Heh.

Okay, now here's a really, really odd guy who does music requests:


I couldn't explain that site if I wanted to. Ask ironkite, because he's messed up in the head enough to enjoy this kind of stuff.

And I might as well add:


Because that's some really, cool-ass, Danny Elfman-esque stuff, man.
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