punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Par-tay... at my house

My camera's busted and lost, so I have no pictures. Bummer. Check out takayla's journal for pictures when she puts them up. It was a thank you party for all the staff that worked Staff Suite at Katsucon.

Let's see, we had cyaneyed, stodgycat, cheesy_reads, aksident and her siblings Scarlet, Kieran and, stodgyspike, mysticpaws, ninjacooter, bulsi, theimp79, dagopher, squire_liz, doktor_jess, Lea, lohquesse, moliarity, anyarm (you gonna change it to anyarg?), Brian, Tammy, Keith, and Jamie. And of course, the hostess takayla and my son chrisraven.

Some highlights included the Heare kids and CR playing video games. We laughed so hard... but the adults were just as fun :). I got to meet Lea for the first time, and her and doktor_jess are an awesome couple. Things are a bit hard for them right now, but I think they will do okay.
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