punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More photos: CR's birth

CR's birth was a near miracle. He was two weeks late, we were too poor to afford health care (back then, employers were not required to carry any), he got stuck at 7 cm, and takayla was in labor for 40 hours before they did an emergency c-section. CR got an infection, had jaundice, his lung was not fully developed, and his heart had a bump on it. takayla had a massive infection, nearly went into shock, and was in critical condtion for about 2 days before she was allowed to see CR. Both nearly died, and at the worst, I was told both had a 20% of survival. "Gather the relatives and choose coffins," I was told. CR was in ICU for a week, then in the hospital for another week.

I am so lucky to still have them today.
CR in ICU, 1990 Mother and Child, out of the woods for now, 1990
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