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So, I have more than photos

This week has been pretty lonely. My beloved takayla is in West Virginia this week taking care of her sister Debbie. Debbie had hip surgery, but because hospitals nowadays don’t want to keep people (I think they are pressured by insurance companies), they have been releasing people earlier and earlier. So Debbie was released right after hip surgery two weeks ago, and I think she fell down and broke her ribs, so she had to go back and get that fixed. But she can’t do all the fun stuff, like feed or take care herself (which is how she came to break her ribs). She had I think 2 nurses that come every day for an hour, and that lasts a week, but the rest of the time she’s on her own. She’s on oxygen, and has to lug the tanks around, and who knows what else.

Her daughter works, and they don’t want Debbie there because there’s two kids, one of them a toddler, and Debbie can’t take care of them and herself. Anyway, all her oxygen stuff is in her apartment (including a large oxygen filter), so she can’t exactly move to another place that can’t handle all the non-child-friendly equipment.

I swear, we really have to rethink the family unit in America. We’re culturally a nuclear family-based society, which according to Wikipedia, makes them the third most common household arrangement in the nation. That’s the mom, dad, kids scenario. Where as an extended family is the inclusion of several generations, including possibly uncles, aunts, cousins, and so on living under the same roof. These days, having the kids or grandparents living with you is considered abnormal. I have a rant in me about that, but I am not in a position to get into it at work (because I am supposed to be doing other stuff, see...).

But it’s sad going home to an empty bed. Widget howls like a little coyote at night for her.

Anyway, I started to do some stuff that was on my “not as important” list, because when stuff keeps getting stacked on the pile of todo, some stuff gets buried. Some which will get their own entries.
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