punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Trashman Cometh, the Trash Man Crusheth Away

The trash man, who I can’t complain about more than 5% of the time when they empty my trash and leave the empty bin in the middle of the street for cars to hit, accidentally sucked up the trash can into the truck, and crushed it. It still holds its shape, but won’t last very much longer. So I called and spoke to some guy named “Steve,” who sounded pretty bored with his life, who said he’d order one for us right away and it will arrive next week. I also ordered recycle bins which I ordered almost 7 years ago, repeatedly, until we gave up. I should also note that it took over a year of calling to get them to deliver a standard bin, which they demand you use lest they fine you for using a non-standard one (they never fined us, just threatened to). The standard one has a metal bar and lip to hook onto the back, which they use to heave your trash into the truck because they don’t want to lift anything they don’t have to (although most of the time they will toss in loose bags unless you have too many).

But given that it took a year of repeated calls by my wife and I to get them to deliver this one, I fear we’ll go through the same thing again. I have already put it on my auto-reminder Outlook Calendar for every Monday until I get them.
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