punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I cleaned up our backyard shed.

I haven’t finished it, but I went through most of one side. There’s a hell of a lot of crap that isn’t even mine back there. The previous occupants left a ton of broken objects in there we haven’t really gone through since we moved in September of 2000. I filled several trash bags of junk that was tossable, but I have a lot of stuff that is going to be hard to get rid of: the biggest being tons of old cans of paint, paint thinner, sealant, motor oil (old and new), rusted propane tanks, and other chemicals you simply can’t toss in the garbage without starting some industrial waste farm and breaking several disposal codes. I have to wrangle them all up, and follow these guidelines:


Ooh! I just found my lawn mowers (I have two non-working, half-stripped ones) are covered under scrap metal. And I know where to take all those abandoned grill-sized propane tanks those previous owners left.

Man, two years ago when I researched this, this site wasn’t even up. Now I know what to do with all this crap. And the trash place is pretty close to my house. Yay. Or boo. Depends on how much work I am setting myself up for... :)

I also have a lot of heavy items, like few boxes of dark pink tiles, piles of bricks, bags of sand, and I found I have enough road salt to melt most of the driveways in my neighborhood. Too bad it doesn’t snow anymore.

I also tossed a rusty hibachi, an old golf bag cart, a moldy bristle dart board, several piles of oil-stained sheets and tube socks (apparently, they recycled these for automotive needs), a child’s Minnie Mouse chair (that might be mine, actually), and a few decayed wooden planters and bird feeders.

I also replaced the burned-out light bulbs with new fluorescent bulbs so I could see what I was doing. Now it’s nice and bright in there.

I still have to toss out a lot of moldy cardboard, too. And sweep. The dust was so thick in there, I had to use the leaf blower, which also was great at ripping down a lot of cobwebs.

Funny thing is... I am not sure what further use I will have for it. Most of the crap I’d want to store can’t really be left in a shed, like books, electronics, toys, and other assorted “don’t want bugs or mold in them” knick-knacks. But at least it will be neat and tidy.

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