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Secret Life of Brian (Python Documentary)

It was 1978, I think, when I was listening to the Doctor Demento show. Eric Idle was promoting a new Monty Python film called, "The Life of Brian." I convinced my parents to see it, and my father was most interested because he hated religion so much that he'd be in for anything that lampooned them or caused them to rise up in protest.

My comedy style changed from that moment. Shortly afterwards, I went to the Biograph in DC, a long-gone independent film theater, at was "And Now For Something Completely Different" and "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." I was hooked on Python from then on.

Because I was brought up in an atheist household, I had no idea the impact the film made on the public. I just thought it was a funny spoof of Biblical times. By this point in my life I had heard of Jesus and the Bible gang, and knew that my father considered religious people to be some of the lowest intellect that could still drive a car. I sort of was still in that phase where I was under the illusion I could gain my father's approval, and felt the same way.

What I didn't realize was the irony of these beliefs with the film. While I considered religious people to be blindly stupid until I was about 12, I didn't realize I was blindly following another's beliefs: my own father's.

In any case, I still consider "The Life of Brian" to be one of the most poignant comedies ever made that still hold true now as when it was made.

If you have 48 minutes to kill, watch this documentary about it. If you haven't seen the film itself, I seriously, seriously suggest renting or buying it.

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