punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

R2-S2: Steam Powered Droid

I am posting this mostly for apeyanne, whom am going to send her a birthday present fairly shortly (I have to burn them to disk). Bit I don't have your shipping address! [Please send me a private e-mail at my punkwalrus yahoo account].

More on this droid and how it was built here. It's not technically "steampunk," as he calls it, because steampunk refers to only parts made available in the Jules Verne era of the late 1800's to about 1920 (if even that far). For REAL steampunk Star wars, check out this guy's website. These are really cool drawings about if a Jules Verne inspired author had written the Star Wars characters.

Also, Was the Death Star explosion really an inside job?

I had a lot of tar Wars stuff this last week. I finally got to see "The Clone Wars" series, episodes 1-20. It's nice to see all the annoying 5-minute stories as one "long" video. I didn't have to sit through 5 minutes of credits and another 5 of Nickelodeon commercials. I had seen a few episodes, and was intrigued, but my favorite sequence so far has to be the fight between that sith-wannabe and Annikin on the moon of Yavin. The rain hissing off the lightsabers was a real nice touch. I also got to see "Deleted Magic," a renegade film done by Star Wars fans including all the deleted stuff that was changed and deleted from the original three movies. Lot of scenes with Biggs and the original Jabba.
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