punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Crazy People

Don't ya hate it when...

Your customer sets up an "OMG I MPORTENT FIXX0RZ!!1!" meeting where he sets it up before business hours because it can't possibly interrupt his work day, and then you show up early to meet him, prepare for the failover... and the customer is nowhere to be found? I mean, he was supposed to call at 8am sharp, and it's 8:30 now. The failover HAD to happen between 8:00 and 8:30am, so I was here at 7:30 to prepare it all. I had a suspicion this would happen when he stopped responding to e-mails earlier in the week.

In other weird news, I saw a... I don't know if I want to say he was a homeless guy or a crazy person, but it was weird. It was on the Red Line to Silver Spring. This skinny bearded dude with his afro wound into dozens of teeny balls was wearing some outfit that was obviously women's clothing. He had with him a huge rolling suitcase; a nice one like a Samsonite Executive or something. In addition, he had 3 random backpacks. He was digging through them all and pulling out random objects like a toddler might, and putting back in them wads of newspaper. When he found something, like some women's clothes, he tried to put it on. Sadly, the clothing he had looked like something from a urban skank: leopard print faux collars, a sparkling back blouse, and so on. He was also barefoot, and had the most mangled, sooty feet I have seen on an individual. He also had on one arm several wristwatches. It was hard to tell if they were nice ones or garish decorated ones trying to look like nice watches, but his arm reminded me of that character Bananas the Thief from the Richard Scarry books I read as a kid.

Then he found an umbrella in the suitcase and opened it. This caused him a lot of problems, and for a while he acted like he didn't know what to do with it; like he had never seen one before. It almost seemed like he was an orangutan testing out new objects. He'd twirl it around, put it upside-down, put it over his head and scowl from beneath the brim... that sort of thing. Finally, he folded it up again, and put it in the suitcase with all the newspapers.

Once in a while, he'd open something and pour it in his mouth. Maybe it was a bag of sunflower seeds or a small flask; it was hard to tell. Whatever it was, it was obviously out, and each time he'd go back to it, he'd tilt his head and shake the object like he was trying to get the last drop or crumb out.

I had several scenarios about this person:
- He was a homeless/crazy person who had stolen some random luggage
- He was a homeless/crazy person who had gotten some money and bought random things
- He was an alien trying to be human with some props his planet gave him
- He was once and animal turned into a human by a genie, Ala Sam the dog from George Selden's, "The Genie of Sutton Place."
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