punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

My dreams

I had two weird dreams last night.

One, I was singing. I don't sing. I mean, normally. Singing dreams for me are like flying dreams for everyone else in the sense they are deeply psychological and realistically impossible. My voice was loud and pure, and came from the depths of my gut. I don't remember why I was singing, but it involved some futuristic Mayan setting and some kind of ruse I was attempting. It was like some huge complex where there were layers of buildings on the sides of a steep hill, and I walked around the steps and plazas, singing a strange falsetto opera that would go deep in parts. The voice WAS mine, but far more soprano than I could ever accomplish.

Another dream had me as a "dress as you did at 13" party. I wore rugby shirts and jeans, even though I think I was leaving my short "black goth/beatnik" phase and going into my "tee shirt and jeans" phase at age 13. For some reason, squire_liz was wearing a hippie dress, even though I don't think she was 13 in the 60s, she said it was during the retro 70s phase of the 90s. Uh huh.

I rearely remember my dreams, so I thought I'd post them.
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