punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Not in a chairy mood

I really need a decent office chair. I also need a new mattress. I have decided that the next office chair I will get is an Aeron, because I have gone through 6 office chairs in almost as many years, and I am sick of it. It’s because I have never paid more than $250 for one.

2000 - One I had for nearly 11 years, a gift from Bruce and Cheryl when we got married, finally fell apart. It was a dinner chair with a very low back, last remaining part of a set bought at a yard sale, but it was very comfy.
2001 - A green office chair that was always broken... broke to the point where you couldn’t sit in it anymore. It was throwaway from takayla‘s former office.
2002 - A gray chair, also from the office, had too small a seat and the back slides off when you lean on it because the metal tube frame that holds it in is warped so it can’t be tightened. Those who party at my house may have sat in it upstairs and laughed when a guest made the back fall off.
2003 - I bought a new one from Office Depot. It broke at the hydraulic post, and smashed a divot in my cement floor. The back was falling apart, anyway. After that, the chair always tilted because the post was lower to the floor than the casters.
2004 - I got another new one from Office Depot. The armrests were plastic and broke fairly shortly after the 90 day warrantee expired. Sadly, the armrests held the back on.
2005 - I got a new one from Ikea with no armrests. The back slowly bent out of the cheap metal frame until it just all fell apart.
2007 - I got a new one because my wife’s work got an extra one. It was a “free chair with purchase” so I didn’t hold high hopes for it. Sure enough, within months, the armrest broke. How was the back held in place? By the armrests.

I have only broken one office chair at work in my entire life, but they are always of much better quality. The most comfy chair I ever sat in was an Aeron chair which I had at work for a year, and sat in at various hotel functions and AOL meeting rooms. But they are like $750 on up. The one I was is almost $1000. And that’s discounted. I don’t want to buy one used in case it breaks and I need a warrantee.

But my wife needs to sleep in a better mattress, too. She wants me to get a chair, but that’s not fair, because our king sized bed is now 11 years old, and kind of looks like a double spoon rest. Yes, we rotate it every few months (or I do, at least). It’s bad for my back and hers, too. A new mattress will costs us about $1000.
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