punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend Wrapup, Part 1: Zen and the Art of Kids

This weekend was pretty miserable, but I didn’t have it as bad as some.

The only high point of my weekend was the Heares coming over. stodgycat had some serious schoolwork to finish, and cheesy_reads was out, so I got to watch the kids. Nobody believes me, but being with kids (especially my own) is kind of a good way to cheer me up. I really needed some time with Scarlet and aksident. As you saw in my previous post, Scarlet helped me disassemble some junk computers I had lying about. Poor aksident had burned her hand trying to put out a lamp fire, so her fingers were bandaged up. They still hurt, but she only sustained a 1st degree burn, so there will be no lasting physical damage, although the mental damage...? I tell you what, if I woke up because my reading lamp set my pillow on fire... I’d be sleeping pretty lightly for a while.

I recall this weird, calm, zen-like feeling when CR was in kindergarten and I was volunteering at his school. I know some people get frazzled when around kids, and you’d think I’d me one of them: I have control issues, I take things a bit too seriously, and when I was a babysitter, I was attacked by an 8-year old wielding a knife (and still have the scars). But no. Something weird happened when I had my own kid, and since he was ADHD on steroids (Predisone for his asthma), I pretty much think all little kids are calm in comparison.

“At least he’s not biting me and wrecking the furniture...”
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