punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend Wrapup, Part 2: “I did ask you NOT to say mattress, didn’t I?"

So, takayla and I also got a new mattress. Our old one served us well, but it’s been almost 11 years. When we got married, we had two beds: a double/full and a twin. We pushed them together because we were too poor to afford a new bed. Then the frame broke on the double, so I threw away the frame on my twin, and we slept on mattresses on the floor for the next 7 years. Our mattresses were getting worse and worse (takayla and I both have scars on our ankles from bed springs that poked through), but when we moved out of the projects in 1996, we just splurged and got a new king bed.

But now it’s like two spoon rests in a frame. There’s a huge lump between us that sort of pushes us to the edge. We went shopping and got a pretty good deal on a Simmons Pillowtop with a medium firmness. Mattresses have really improved over the last 11 years. Our bed will now have individual pocketed coils. Pillowtops are within reasonable price ranges (they used to be ungodly expensive). I love the memory foam mattresses, but they are almost impossible to sit up in to watch TV, be on the laptop, or sit on the edge, and takayla hates them anyway. But the one we got has a 10-year, non-prorated warrantee (that is, replacement cost), and they will deliver on Thursday.
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