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Weekend Wrapup, Part 3: Pollen 1, Punkie 0: Asthma is teh winn4r!!1!

On Sunday, I really tried to mow my lawn. I failed. First of all, I have to say I am VERY HAPPY with my new Sears Mower. Compared to my Scotts piece of crap, the Craftsman is much, much, much better. So that’s wasn’t the problem. The pollen and grass dust kicked my sorry, wheezing ass. It gets worse every year, and I think I will have to face the fact I may not be able to do lawn work and have to think of other alternatives. Normally aksident has helped, but she’s got a hectic schedule, lives in Reston, and can’t be depended on because she’s got Civil Air Patrol, Tae Kwan Do, taking care of her siblings, schoolwork, and other things girls her age have to do. She said she’d try and come over Saturday if she didn’t have anything scheduled. anyarm said she’d help finish what I couldn’t.

Dust mask + goggles won’t help, because in the heat, the goggles fog up. Local kids are flaky; it seems like no kids do lawns anymore. Previous kids who have done lawns or came to our door to do lawns either flaked out after a few visits, or wanted way too much money. For $60 a day, I can get a team of day laborers to do that, and I have actually considered snapping up a few at Home Depot (but chicken out because I don’t know the laws on that). That kid had some nerve to ask for $60, per lawn ($120 for the whole house AND we had to provide the mower and gas). Most professional places I looked at charged me $120-180/month, but some of the cheaper ones had ongoing problems with the BBB.

I have even considered spending $1500 on a robot.

I have to do something. My lawn looks pretty bad.
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