punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I like the new bed, it's very nice.

And it came just in time, too. Yesterday, I woke up sore as hell. My joints, especially my hips and upper legs hurt like I'd walked up 50 flights of stairs. Later, I was to hear other arthritics were suffering the same kinds of things. I slept pretty good last night on the new mattress, but I still feel like someone beat my ass with an aluminum bat. The new bed was so comfy, and I really appreciated that, and I think on the old bed, I would have just figuratively died.

Work has sucked. We're trying to move a huge system of mine (again) from old hardware to new. It's not going very well. And the slightly comical part of this is that it's attached to a SAN (non techies: a huge box filled with disks connected via a spun glass fiber cable that acts like a monstrous hard drive), and we only have the one SAN controller (the card in the back of the computer), so every time we have to go back and forth between the systems, we have to yank out the card and put it in the other one. Since these are racked systems in a tight area, this is as fun as operating an old TV set where the knobs have fallen off, and you can only use pliers on the stubs, and you need those pliers to hold your curtains closed.
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