punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

You know what I wish I had?

A better memory.

But aside from that, I wish I had some kind of note-taking device where I could remind myself to do something and an alert would pop up at the appropriate time. No matter where I was. I mean, there are all kinds of computer utilities for such a thing, but I am not always at a computer (oddly enough). My biggest problem with all kinds of technology devoted to these kinds of things is that my memory is a fragile, unstable latticework in the middle of a gushing, raging river. Often I find reminders far down the shore where I only see them because I stumble on the wreckage by accident. "Oh yeah... I forgot I was supposed to sent that out."

Taking small notes requires I remember to read them later. Which I don't. Paper notes have no alarms.

Having a small PVR (personal voice recorder) won't work because I'd have to have the PVR with me all the time, remember to speak into it, and then I'd have to remember to play it back. The closest I have is my phone, but I can't set an alarm to a note without a lot of programming and then I'll forget what I wanted to remind myself of. And I'd have to remember to listen to what I said. Also, some of what I say is private, like, "Get new underwear." I don't want to say that aloud on, say, the Metro, when I think of these things.

PDA's don't work because I never hear their alarm with my hearing loss (and it annoys others as I stand around like a dolt with this loud beeping, oblivious to the annoyance of others), I am pretty bad at the handwriting recognition, and by the time I write it down, I forget what I wanted to write down. That's sad, but this is how that usually goes:

Step 1: I get an idea. "I have to send flowers to so-and-so's funeral."
Step 2: Get out PDA. Click a few buttons to get to a notepad.
Step 3: The navigation through the menus has replaced my short term memory stack.
Step 4: I look at my notepad and go, "Um... something about flowers. My friend Neal has a cat named Flowers. His son named it because it was a pretty name. I like kids. I wish I could meet them. I should go to Ohio. My friend Dan also lives in Ohio. Maybe I should get to Ohio. How would I get there? The MSD trip got us lost in Ohio. Ha ha ha... that was funny. I should ping Kory about my book. I hope Alison is okay." etc...

Plus PDAs also require recharging. And are bulky. And fragile. Require software and remembering to re-sync and whatnot.

I need some system that:
A: Can be there in an instant and privately record detailed info without complicated menus, submenus, or anything that requires a pause in thought. It must also be easy to set up a reminder time.
B: Privately remind me at times I set no matter where I am, and have a snooze feature if I can't get to it immediately.

I have burned a lot of pizza, left food in the microwave, and had laundry sitting in the washer for days. I have considered having a house-wide PVR with mikes and speakers all over. There is software for that, and I could create my own applications. But that won't help outside the house unless I have it call my cell phone.

I know, I ask for the impossible. I really need some way to just "remember" things, but my memory is so bad (and always has been) that I have to try and "attach" actions to certain events. Like if it was code:

if Home.Status= "arrival" then Cat.Dish("fill")

Or something. There's a general call, like "Check.Reminder("what I have to do when I get home") but it's so generic and often gets overwritten by system calls on how tired I am.
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