punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Random thoughts...

.. to try and balance the negativity in my recent posts.

Family Guy last night? Was a huge "f*** you" to the South. Not that I was offended, but ... wow. Jesus in the wash tub? They went there. The

I have pre-ordered an are anxiously awaiting two things that I pre-ordered:
July 21: Rowling's final installment, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I can't say anything more in fear of building the book up so much, it falls flat like the Star Wars prequels or "The Matrix" sequels did. Not that I hated those movies, it's just that everyone was so OMFG TEH AWESOMES!!! that the second coming of Christ would be a letdown.

May 8: Bjork's newest album, Volta. She's already released a few singles on her website and MySpace page, and while I feel a lot of her albums are hit and miss, there's usually a few good songs to come from a CD. I wasn't entirely sold on "Earth Intruders," but "Innocence" sounds pretty good. And some of her songs take time to grow on me.

Side note on Bjork: My vegvisir tattoo is very similar to hers. This wasn't entirely on purpose, although I confess I refined the Nordic compass to her style because I liked it much better than the runes I saw all over the Internet. This has an interesting side effect when I see it on her on TV, like, "Hey, that's MY symbol!" even though it totally isn't.
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