punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,


Life is a little boring right now.

I guess that's good. Compared to various previous years I have had, I try to be grateful someone isn't dying, or I am one paycheck away from living on the streets. There were some bumps in the road a few weeks ago, but they have smoothed for now. I guess in the scheme of things, the drama was a little too much. I still don't know what happened, and I am not sure I want to go back to decode the whole thing. I don't even know how good or bad anyone was. That's the nature of drama. I am glad I managed to stay sane; but only just barely. I wish I was stronger and had a more level head, but I was born broken.

Some people look up to me, and I wish I could just tell them... it's all luck. Luck favors the prepared, to be sure, but I am just dancing on the same griddle the rest of you are.
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