punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

I know somebody who rocks!

ironkite, who helped me finish the cleanup of the demolition of the "yellow bathroom." He did most of the hard work, I just carried bags of debris around, thanking him profusely.

For those who have been to my house, there's a bathroom that has been closed to the public since 2002. The bathroom was fairly ugly and falling apart at the seams, with much water damage and a sagging floor. The scheme was "Post-It Yellow" with kelly green accents. The walls were panels of fake tiles glued over wallpaper glued over older wallpaper which were glued onto drywall... most of the time.

Now it's bare studs. There used to be a pile of wreckage in the tub, now no more.

Next step is planning what we're going to put back.
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