punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Sick or cursed

I got really sick yesterday evening. I was so dizzy, that the room kept spinning until I got nauseous. It was really like I was in some funhouse room with all the spinning. I felt like I was hallucinating (there were lots of spirals), and I had all kinds of weird visions of my own death and it was pretty bad. I know my fever was high, and since I was alone, I went into the shower and poured cold water on myself, which hurt like hell. You know, when you're achy and even the slightest touch stings? Like that. I passed out until I heard someone bang on the door. It was takayla, who had stopped by on her busy schedule to get me some chocolate and Gatorade.

Then I got better after I had some Gatorade. I felt like I had some kind of thick, gray, oozing fog run through my body, and I felt drained. I was okay until about 2am, I think, when I got up, certain I was going to vomit continuously... but I don't think I did. I don't recall. I was still sick t my stomach this morning, so I stayed home again and just tried to stay awake enough get some basic work done before my boss, whom I think I had a phone conversation with, but don't recall exactly, said I should take a sick day. I fell asleep around 11am, I think, and woke up around 2.

I feel better, but weak and sore. I have almost no fever, and my achy feeling is gone. My stomach held some real food, though, and now I feel like with some rest I can go to work tomorrow.

Did I have food poisoning? I don't know. I feel like... I had a curse go through me. Silly me.
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