punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Better, and finding lost Julies

I may not be sick anymore, but I feel like one big bruise. I am not sure what happened; it was flu-like, but too short and sporadic to be the flu. It was too minor to be food poisoning (I have had food poisoning a few times, and I know what that's like). I am sore as HELL, like my joints especially, but my skin feels like it's raw and hurts to touch anything. Someone at work said I might have had a "histamine reaction," but I don't think so. Whatever...

In other news, I thought I'd start out with why I don't really like MySpace. I find it garish, dripping with clots of ads, poorly managed for navigation, and it reminds me if a garish casino designer tried to build a library. I only have a MySpace profile for two reasons: one, so no one else grabs "PunkWalrus" and claims to be me, and two, once in a while people find me there.

I have had several Julies in my life that has turned out to be a positive influence (I did switch subjects, but stay with me here, its relevant). In fact, I have had so many people in my life named Julie who have been decent, I might have named a daughter that (same with the plethora of people will the middle name "Anne"). I am sure someone will comment, "What about Julie X, the girl who [acted most foul]?" But for now, I can think of three Julies I can call friends. And my adopted cousin Ju Li, Taiwanese by birth, so it was a no-brainer to call her Julie growing up.

That being said, I am catching up of former FanTek pal, stage presence, movie actress, massage therapist, and Interdemensional Thrill Kitten Julie, because she found me on MySpace the other day. Yay!
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