punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

On Cat Collars

Those who read my blog or who have been to my house know that Latte is my Siamese puss (aka "Meezer"). I sort of inherited her when a volunteer organization I was working with needed a place to put her. I was fostering kittens for them at the time, and said, "I'll find a place for her." Long story short, that was 2 years ago. No one wants adult cats very much, especially noisy ones. Well, I like her just fine, even if she is noisy (and for a Siamese, she's not as noisy as most). So she's settled in.

She came with a collar which she didn't like and would usually manage to remove it and run around "naked." Because of her personality, we likened it to some drunken old duchess, long since a window, and senile, having her butler chase her around going "Ma -DAHM! Put on a robe, for heaven's sake, we have guests!" She often tried to get outside, too, which scared us, so we had to make sure she had a tag. We finally found a leather collar that she couldn't wriggle out of, and we etched on the back of her tag, "Naughty Siamese escape artist" (the front has our contact info).

I was fostering kittens right around the Katrina disaster, and before that, none of my cats wore collars. I felt since they were all indoors only, there was no point, except for Latte, who was always trying to sneak outside, and Cosmo when we first got him for the same reason. Even though Katrina was half a country away, it was all buzz with the adoption groups because of so many pets that could not be reunited with their owners. "If only they had a tag..." Well, after a few tornados around here, I felt the time was for all my cats to wear collars and tags. None of them seemed to mind, except Latte, who doesn't seem to hate collars... she just seems to escape from them.

Every time I pet or groom any of my 5 cats, I check around the collar to make sure they are snug, but not so snug they are binding. All of them have breakaway collars except for Latte, who had a heavier duty collar with fake diamonds on it because she just seems like it suites her better than a normal collar. Latte also has chronic sinus infections, partly due to her poor upbringing (which is why she was up for adoption), and recently, she has started yet another bout of sneezing and coughing. I felt the collar as tight, so I loosened it, thinking, "Well, better she escape from her collar than get strangled while coughing up a hairball."

While I was away Saturday, CR called and said Latte's collar had gotten caught in her lower jaw, and she was bleeding. God God... My son's training to be a vet tech, so he got her collar off, but she then went into hiding, and we weren't sure if she was okay or not. I told him to crate her with water when she turned up. Long story short, her gums got cut up, but she seems normal (well, her version of normal, which is rather loopy). She's eating, drinking water, and Latte has this weird habit of when she gets out of her collar, she runs around like crazy in an event I call "streaking" (those of you who did not grow up in the 70s... I cannot explain why suddenly so many people wanted to run around naked at public events, but it was called "streaking" back then).

This is always scary; on someone's Pekingese page, they tell a horrible tale about a non-breakaway collar strangling their first beloved peke when he got it caught in a railing.

Still, now I have to get her a breakaway collar, which my local pet store only carries in a "Zen surfer" style that my other cats have. She's going to look less like a Duchess and more like those sad old women who try to be hip on Malibu Beach. "I know I said I hated hippies in '69, but I like 'em now! [smoker's cough]"
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