punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More Balticon

I just got a revised program schedule, and I am apparently staying all 4 days. This will be a Balticon first for me.

I didn't plan to stay 4 days; I only got a hotel room for 2 nights. takayla had to leave Sunday to plan a birthday party of a good friend, whom I will now miss. But they scheduled me for Sunday night, and I now have a floor to sleep on, and possibly a ride home (or at least the Metro).

I usually burn out of a con by Sunday. I have only participated in a handful of 4-day events, and Gencon was the only one that didn't start to smell by day 4. I have been told this doesn't happen at Balticon, so I am optimistic, because the company is good. The late Disclave always had that lingering odor of burnt out fen on day 4 (which used to be the same weekend), and there were only two FanTek 4 days cons, and they were so dead on Monday, we might as well not have bothered.

I only hope I am not crabby on Sunday. My two panels are about villains and HP Lovecraft respectively, so a crabby mood by be apropos.

"Joe Sargent can't drive a bus worth shit!" (real old, deep in-joke)
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