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The rest of Memorial Day Weekend


I was sad to see Charles Nelson Rielly died on Friday. As a kid, during those rare times I managed to watch TV (usually when my mother was drunk and my father was away on business), I used to see him play the scheming antique dealer, “Claymore Gregg” on reruns of “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” I also loved him in laugh-in and, of course, the Match Game shows. I think early on I was always attracted to the gay, fun loving crowd in Hollywood and Broadway. I don’t think I ever had gay feelings for them, but I have always loved the flaming queer set.

At Balticon, I realized that Anime Mid-Atlantic was only in three weeks. I still have nothing to do there, but I was invited to work on the Katsucon recruitment panel, CR is now Keith’s gopher, and takayla was asked by several departments to work there. I have a feeling I will end up in Ops or something, but for the meantime my main goal is to hang out and draw! Seriously. Most of you who know me now do not remember that I was once an artist who actually did program books, badges, fanzines, and sold stuff in art shows. I made fairly good money back in the 1980s; I once paid for a con, including the hotel, food, and all my dumb merchants’s room purchases with just a few things I hung up at Disclave. I have considered taking up an abandoned table in Artists Alley at some con with a sign that says, “Really Bad Artwork [but good free candy]”

I discovered that my laptop, when presented with no Internet access, is just an expensive and crippled gaming console. I remedied this when I got home by pre-loading a lot of Open Source games, plus some wireless hacking tools, for the upcoming AMA. Won't give me wireless access for free? Fine... I'll sniff one out myself. MAC authentication be damned. ;-)

Did I mention I saw dptwisted and bridgit at the con? I had always been curious about their kids, and I still am. For those keeping track, Sharon seems rather “mundane” for being raised by a fannish family. She’s 15 now. Robin, 12, was actually a little taller than her sister. She’s the dark one, according to her parents, and I have to agree based only on a cursory scan. I have to say, I was intrigued by the pair, and even though this was their first con, they completely fit right in, making friends. According to dptwisted, the two sisters actually like hanging out together, and prefer each other’s company (including their parents) to outside friends, mostly due to their fannishness. Mom and dad hope that convention life will give them more external friends, which seems to have worked right off the bat. I didn’t get to see them much, though, because they spent a lot of their time in the dark anime room. They love anime. I am thinking I may get Sharon to volunteer at Katsucon but I have to get to know her first.

dptwisted wants me to do some MiSTing with him.

Speaking of “Members formerly know as Prunes,” it’s time some of you guys change your names. Allon? “Jailbait?” Really? You’re married got three kids now. I don’t think “Jailbait” is applicable. And “Mommie Prune” doesn’t work anymore, unless your kids are “the Prunes.”

I also didn’t mention what little I bought at the convention. I got two handmade pillowcases that resemble Chinese blue porcelain with dragons. I also got a “My Little Cthulhu” (thanks lohquesse!) from Dork Tower, with a separate six-pack of victims (see my Flickr account for pictures). Finally, I couldn’t leave with out some buttons from Nancy’s Buttons: “Gothtaku,” “Find X (here it is),” “Command line loyalist,” and “Oink! FLAP! Oink! FLAP!”

Our long-time friend mysticpaws had her pirate-themed birthday at our house when I was away being all moody and cross at Balticon. But she came back to cook us some yummy barbecue on Monday. Thanks, mysticpaws! :)
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