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takayla and I are going on a vacation getaway this weekend, and I am looking forward to it. Part of the plan is NO laptops, so no journal entries. But sadly, neither one of us slept very well last night.

I had to settle the finances, which I started at about 10pm, thinking it would take an hour or so like usual, but I didn’t get done until 2am. Stuff was way behind, almost a month, and while I am happy to say I found the missing $360 and balanced the ledger, it took me many hours of bills, web sites, and a spreadsheet. I kept putting it off, and when I had time to deal with them, I was too depressed, which has been happening way too much in the last year. So after I finally got it all settled at 2am, it took me an hour to wind down. So I am running on 3 hours of sleep. takayla didn’t sleep at all until I left for work, and she didn’t sleep much after that. So probably the first thing we do when we arrive at the hotel tonight is sleep.

Next weekend is AMA, so we’ll be in Richmond for that.

The weekend after that, I take the Heare kids to the DC Mall, and then there’s a picnic party for a friend of mine, and takayla and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary.

Then I am on call for the next two weekends. Anyone who wants to visit me and motivate me to work on my bathroom, fix my yard, or clean my den in the beginning weekends of July, is welcome.
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