punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Weekend in DC

So, this weekend, takayla and I went to DC. I have lived next to Washington DC since 1974, and I have not really gotten to know the city beyond the grassy Mall.

I started riding the metro at around age 8, I think. I would take the 24T from Westmoreland to the Ballston Metro station, and there get off in DC; sometimes to see kung fu movies, but most of the time was spent going to the museum or the zoo. Even then, I was a kid, and stayed on a pretty direct path to the museum of Natural History or the movie theaters like Jennifer Twin Cinema, Key Theater, the Biograph, or a few I don't remember the name of (there was one hole-in-the-wall cinema on M Street, anyone remember that one?). I traversed Georgetown, but rarely strayed past M Street any further than the gold dome of the Riggs Bank. Same when my friends and I went there.

Room with a viewSo under the guise of being adventurous, we went to the Savoy at 2505 Wisconsin Ave, and what a suite! Had a Jacuzzi and everything. The view was spectacular, and the food at Lillie's (their restaurant) was very good. We spent time together, but it was hard to make it a decent getaway because takayla got paged for work, and had to go through a Microsoft crisis part of Saturday (and had to go to work today). Again, this just illustrates how much of people's lives Microsoft takes away because of their crappy products. We did get to wander around the Farragut North area, which included the National Geographic center. So it was slightly touristy. Sadly, it was also very hot. Friday night, we got to see a huge thunderstorm go through, which was quite a view from the top floor of the Savoy. We left around noon Sunday.

We drove down the "drag" of Georgetown (M St.), and the yuppie spread has finally taken over like maggots over rotten meat. When I used to go, in the 1980s, it was a plethora of random shops. There were comic book stores, surplus stores, and other places that specialized in random oddities. Now it's like a bad copy of Rodeo Drive; like some freak hybrid of Beverly Hills and Wliiamsburg that has crawled from the teleport chamber and raised your rifle to its head, pleading, "Kill... me..." I knew this was happening ever since Commander Salamander went from discount punk couture to $400 leopard skin pillbox hats and a Banana Republic sprouted a grown on a random corner. I just kept it in the back of my mind, hoping I was overreacting, but no. So sad.

But there are other places. We passed by Dupont Circle, and I was delighted to see the tattooed set walking their pugs about. I must make more trips to DC. Maybe I'll be mugged and beaten, but I think it will be worth it.
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