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Tech - Printer a Go-Go away

I am so ready to chuck my printer out the door. I am not speaking figuratively, it's gone, baby. It's a crappy Lexmark Z52 or something; it came free with Christine's Dell computer in 2000 (which is now CR's computer). A free printer, so you know it's got to be quality.

The stupid thing is, I use a printer only a few times a year. Usually to print out MapQuest directions or stories that need editing. When I need a printer, I need it NOW, but most of the year, I can do without one. The problem with this is that the ink dries out from lack of use, and then I have to wait for the printer to warm up, re-ink itself, and then print. Taking a CD to Kinkos and having them print it might be faster. Sometimes I print to Christine's printer upstairs because she prints a lot for work, and the printer, while slow (it's one of those all-in-one jobbies), still is faster than waiting for mine.

Well, recently, it stopped printing the magenta ink, and then a few weeks ago, it stopped printing altogether. The heads are jammed or something, and all the "clear nozzle, re-ink" utilities in the world can't even get the barest hint of a mark to show up on paper. The ink cartridges are still full; I got them a few months ago when the magenta started to go, and that didn't fix the magenta.

And I am tired of it. I am tired of paying $60 for new ink. Printers are like razor kits: the handle is free, it's the cost of buying new blades that gets you. So I have decided to chuck the printer.

Unless anyone wants it for parts. Come by my house. Take it away for free.
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