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Sunday at AMA

The Voice Acting Panel was not what I thought it would be. My stomach just hated the fact I ate breakfast and finally gave up. I was in the bathroom for a short while, before I left and ran into Christian and Keith. Christian, I think, has been promoted, but I don't know if this has been made public yet. He wanted advice, which I gave him. I keep telling myself I won't run a con, but dammit, after 23 years, I really know a lot of behind the scenes stuff. I really can help. I have always wanted to be a vizer of cons, just giving advice and cheer while a con chair takes the brunt of the hellishness. Maybe that's because I am a coward.

Anyway, I went to the Japanese 101 panel with takayla, which was awesome, and taught by a guy who has all these teaching credits, as well as teaching it to high school students. Then we had to go to the "Katsucon Panel" where we at Katsucon talk about the con to others. No one showed up. Well, one guy did, but he looked about as motivated as a Snorlax and only came in the room "to see what was in here."

We hung around our friends at Medical/Security, and we hung around the Katsucon table all weekend; it was like our home base, and I still think the most awesome table at the con.

Colette asked takayla to man the Katsucon table, which she did from about 6:30-10pm. I spent some time with my son, who wasn't feeling well the whole con, and we watched movies. We were going to go to the Rave, mostly because joeanon was DJing it, but it got postponed past curfew to 11:30 and my stomach was still in bad shape, so we bailed.

Sunday, we spent time with doktor_jess in Richmond before heading back home.

Final thoughts about the con. I give it a solid B, solely from an attendee's perspective. It was fairly good, had some rough spots, but overall seemed solid. There were many things I liked, like the social atmosphere of the artists alley being in the center of everything, and some stuff that needed work, like panel moderators needed in some panels, programming pocket guide hard to read without a ruler, and the arrangement of some rooms was awkward, making a few things hard to find.

Jess' license plate Random anime gothy people Gir wants hugs and taquitos
New Katsucon Tee-shirt design Artists' Alley Katsucon Table: DJ Amiga spinning

Click for larger. From a larger photoset.
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