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A good weekend overall

My initial experiment if I could handle two kids and two teens with Saturday was a success. I took CR and the Heares out to DC to see the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. I knew this would be a challenge because I had such an age range: 17, 13, 8, and 6. I think the only issues I had were with the 13 year old, because she seemed to be deathly embarrassed at her siblings' behavior occasionally.

We also saw the Planetarium film, "Cosmic Collisions," which wasn't exactly what I might have shown younger kids, although no harm seemed to have been done. Spoiler: we're fucked if an asteroid hits us. I would say this film was not really a great film for a Planetarium, either, because most of the film content showed up as warped; for instance, the round spheres of planets and paths of orbits showed up as ovals.

The gift shop was the big hit of the tour. Heh. I bought everybody something.
Pictures available on Flickr.

Taking the Heare Kids to DC - SpongeBob the Vampire Taking the Heare Kids to DC - Kieran readies his splashing hand Taking the Heare Kids to DC - DC3 Taking the Heare Kids to DC - Silk Road Pakistani Truck Closeup

I was exhausted by the end of the tour. I also noticed I had suddenly become incredibly sensitive to the sun on my skin. Like sunlight made me feel feverish. My skin felt like it was drying up, but I didn't burn or anything, and I saw no physical symptoms. The effect went away as soon as I entered shade. I thought I had sunburn, but I don't.

I slept pretty soundly that night.

When I woke up, I was shaking. I had noticed this before for the last few mornings; I wake up a little shaky. Like I am shivering cold, but I don't feel cold. Every day, this symptom gets a little stronger and lasts a little longer. I really, really hope this isn't a side effect of the new meds. Today it didn't stop until I drank warm coffee.

But Sunday turned out well. I went to bulsi's pool party and had a good time, despite the sun feeling like it was cooking ever single inch of my skin it touched. I kept looking at my arms, expecting some redness or something, but it all seemed to be in my head. Finally, I slathered on a liberal amount of sun screen, and went in the pool. I felt sick, but being in the water helped. I spent some time hanging around CR and aksident. Her sister went to adventure camp, and she has fashion camp this week. It's interesting, because I never saw her doing any girly-girl stuff when she got older, so this change is interesting to watch. We talked about her dating scene, and the usual politics I recall from that age.

And she thinks she's fat, which irritates me to no end. Skinny little thing that she is, I was talking to this perfectly fine developing figure in the pool complaining she's fat and my tits are bigger than hers! That's just a sticking point with me, how the media makes women feel bad about themselves. She mentioned how she'd be the fattest one in fashion camp, and I sort of lost it by telling her those girls would end up as slutty housewives or something. I don't think I helped.

Anyway, after that, I kind of felt sick all evening. I felt cold and thirsty like I had sun stroke or something. But I did manage to keep it together enough for our 18th wedding anniversary. We went to Morton's Steak House in Reston, and had Fillet Mignon to celebrate. Both of us ate too much.
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