punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Poll for the weekend

I am very tired today. I know I haven't been writing a lot, I think it's a side effect of my meds.

My stomach is still not back to normal in its entirety. I can't seem to keep any amount of food other than fruits and simple grains in my system for very long. I am always thirsty and have to drink a lot of water. Last night I had some pizza, and man, I am still feeling like I got beat up by a pack of five-year-olds in the stomach.

Poll: In a hand-to-hand combat situation, how many five-year-old human children could you take down in a fight? Rules: they come in an unending stream, there are no weapons allowed, you have no walls to back up to, they are trained to kill you but have no other skills a five-year-old wouldn't typically have, and they will not be swayed by mercy, threats, bribes, or gore.

I ask because this was a rousing poll on a forum I was on, and you people are sick enough and have enough gaming experience to tackle this question on an educational level. People polled this on that forum ranged from 12 to 60. I am thinking I would be good to about 15 before I succumb.

Bonus points for extra strategy.
Tags: gaming, kids, poll
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