punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

FW:Mother-f$*king tourists on the subway!

Man, like I know tourism brings in money to our fine city, but all these people visiting for the Fourth of July are screwing up rush hour flow something fierce. Gawk somewhere else, Zeke and Betty-Lou! Not at the top of the escalator! MOVE!!

[TxtLJ doesn't like my phone]

I posted that with TXTLJ, which rejected the first entry I tried, and then split the second into two posts.

People walking into metro cars and then STOPPING IN FRONT OF THE DOOR SO NO ONE CAN GET PAST THEM also seems to be the new fad among the flip-flop elite. Some out-of-towners seem non-plussed they have to stand, and look around at the various seats trying to find empty ones so they don't have to sit next to someone whom they don't know. I am so sorry Granmama had to sit next to the colored fella, Mr. Buzzcut with the "Kansas is God's Country" shirt, but can you get your skinny-assed preteen daughter's sweatshirted arm off my face as she presses against me to read the map? Maybe if she didn't wear soccer shorts that say "SWEETIE" across her ass, and had some meat on her bones, she wouldn't be so damn cold all the time.
Tags: angst, metro, subway, tourists
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