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Fireworks, four people, and six dogs

I spent most of the 4th sleeping. I have been so sleepy lately. I went to bed at like 11pm the night before, didn't really wake up until 1pm on the 4th. I am lucky so far, since I am on call, that I haven't been paged very much. Most of it has been false alarms.

We went to mysticpaws house in Mt. Airy. Maryland, to celebrate the 4th in the style I like best: at a friend's house.

I think I have posted this before, but one of my most miserable moments of my childhood was July 4th. Most of the time, my father dragged us to the DC Mall, in ghastly humid weather, where we had to drag a picnic basket with food I hated, and sit on a square of cloth, and listen to my mom and dad argue. Sometimes we'd be at the yacht, watching the Calvert County parade in Solomon's Island if we weren't on the water. My father didn't allow me to play with fireworks, not even sparklers. Not because he hated fireworks, no, he loved watching them with the joy on his face like a child. I... don't really know why he didn't light any himself. All I know was I was forbidden. And my life seemed doomed as far as fireworks were concerned, because in my childhood, 4 public fireworks displays I attended went bad. I am not talking about a personal tragedy, I am talking about some professional setup for crowds going bad. Two at Wolftrap, one on the Mall, and on in Solomons Island ended with the whole display blowing up, and several fires of the surrounding area (one which, in the end, was one of the many times Wolftrap burned down in the 1970s). My father said I was bad luck; probably because I complained too much. And he was right, I did complain a lot as a kid. But I am not sure about the bad luck thing since as a kid I sort of became a borderline pyromaniac, and to this day, fire and I have a mutual respect and healthy fear of one another.

I could have blown them ALL up! HA HA AHA... no, really. They caught me playing with matches. The funniest part, in retrospect, was they thought they stopped me. I just got better at hiding the evidence.

But I digress. My family and I (including both dogs) drove to Mt. Airy and spent quality time with Jenny and her three dogs (Lezil, Edgar, and Fuzzybutt) and one foster dog (Cooper). Everyone had fun. Ahfu, especially, liked being with other dogs and wore himself out. Again this reminds me I should take the dogs out to socialize more. I think Ahfu likes to go places and have a sense of adventure, and really, I haven't given him that. No wonder he gets crabby. He's probably bored. Widget couldn't care less as long as he's with takayla.

CR and I got a tour of Jenny's van. Say, if you're near Mt. Airy, and need your dog groomed, give her a call. I got to play with sparklers and some kind of mini-flare thingee that's legal in Maryland. This was despite heavy rains at times, and a NWS tornado watch or two (we didn't see one). We also watched the result of local law breakers with some pretty amazing fireworks launched from various backyards in the distance. Jenny was a wonderful hostess and I had a good time.

CR and I also watched "Viva La Bam" while we were there, which we watched a lot in Sweden, so it's oddly become one of "our shows." Don Vito has some severe mental problems, doesn't he? I feel uncomfortable watching him, because I don't know if I am laughing at an ass or someone who is mentally challenged. It just seems like a whole family of jerks, except for the parents, but their kids had to grow up that way somehow.
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