punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

BOOM goes a box(?) of spoiled chicken broth

Okay, maybe it didn't go "boom," but I smelled something funky Saturday night and found much to my horror a foil box of chicken broth had split open. I am not sure if it blew open because it spoiled, or was just defective, but it got all over the top shelf of my pantry and spilled a little to the lower shelves.

Obviously, I had to toss a LOT of food out. I took this opportunity to continue my "shit that needs to be cleaned for the last few years" and toss out a lot of dubious crap. Lucky for me, a majority of the chicken broth got absorbed by two old boxes of Bisquick, two boxes of some bran cereal I don't think anyone was eating anyway, some pouches of "EZ-mix packaged" envelopes (like brown gravy, taco seasoning, ranch dressing, dip mix, etc), a bag of rice, two boxes of "No Pudge Fudge," a box of Lipton tea bags, and a round carton of generic iodized salt. I also tossed out a lot of spices we have had for so long, they no longer had any odor (which I assume means the spices were no longer potent). I don't know how we ended up with so many boxes of Jell-O or pudding mix, but I have enough to last a while. I must remember to make them all, because they make a very nice low-fat dessert (well, the Jell-O does). I also seem to be waiting for a disaster that requires making lasagna at any moment, because I have three large boxes of lasagna noodles.

Hey, how about Jell-O lasagna-- no, no... sorry I even thought that far.

Sadly, my contact with spoiled chicken broth made me a little ill on Sunday (even though I scrubbed my hands and made sure to clean up everything and such), but I am fine now.

Now my kitchen pantry, hall pantry, and fridge have been cleaned out, although the fridge needs a heavy steam cleaning (I have a pressure steam cleaner which worked very well on the fridge last time) and replacement of duct tape where the shelves are breaking. I know, I know... I need a new fridge. But the previous owners had the cabinets fit around a specially sized fridge, and we can't find a modern fridge to occupy that space without some major carpentry work.
Tags: cleaning, food, lasagna, pantry
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