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Kam sa needa!

I feel better today. I have to admit, Friday I felt like dog meat, but got better in the afternoon despite the fact takayla left for the whole weekend to be with her sister Debbie for her birthday. anyarm and Brain went with her, so that meant someone had to stay home with the dogs, and CR is still 16, and wasn't feeling very well anyway.

I was resigned to spend the whole weekend alone catching up one housework, but luckily, aksident came to the rescue, and she stayed Friday into Saturday morning. She was having a very bad Friday the 13th, and needed some company not related to her, so her and CR and I went out to Starbucks, hung around until close, walked home, and was up until about 1am when we all crashed.

Saturday brought more fun as I was invited to a cookout with the Heares, Bruce, and Cheryl which is kind of symbolic because the Heares and FanTek are like surrogate families in a way. It ended at a trip to Super H Mart, which I had been told was the major Asian supermarket one anime fan MUST go to. For YEARS people have been telling me to go there to pick up the latest of Asian cuisine, but everyone flaked. And I live like 4 miles away.

I thought it was nice, but I have to admit, it wasn't a very clean place. It was far bigger than I thought, even though I had passed by it before. There were THRONGS of people of ALL nationalities crammed into that place, which was as big as an average supermarket here, but more packed full of customers than I have ever seen around here except just before a winter storm. I say it wasn't clean because they had a minor fly problem, some of their fresh produce was rotting (I couldn't find ONE bag of oranges, for instance, that didn't have a molding orange in it), and a lot of stuff was worn, dented, and poorly labeled. Maybe I am a spoiled American snob, so I tried to tell myself it seemed like a Hong Kong market and a little germiness or limp brown leafiness never hurt anyone.

Their seafood section was wide open. Assorted things from the sea, some of which didn't look very nice, lay in open pans of ice. They had mottled gray "Korean Squid," which looked larger than the white squid I am used to. I don't know what makes it Korean, but they also looked angry, as if to say, "What are YOU looking at, bub?" stodgycat actually took a picture of them, which I thought might be rude, but I was also thinking of doing the same thing. I looked at some kind of small pink eel, which looked like a disturbing combination of sliced erect penis, earthworm, and a carrot, and wondered, "How does one cook this?" I thought that a lot at this place. I recalled Anthony Bourdain's trip to South Korea, and how the seafood stew had some of these fish and bivalves I was looking at.

They had a poor Pocky selection, but WOW, made up for it in the rest of the candy. They even had some Swedish brands there, which was a little surprising, although the only Marabou they had was the small bars with hazelnuts (I am not a hazelnut fan). I got some Anna's Gingersnaps anyway. And some Giant Strawberry Pocky. I got a lot of Ramune, in flavors I have never seen, including something only labeled "Children's flavor." I have never eaten children before, but I imagine now they are quite mildly sweet with a hint of coconut milk. I also drank something awesome that was green tea with brown rice. It tastes like strong tea with a Shredded Wheat aftertaste. This may not appeal to some, but it certainly appeals to me.

They also had a huge kitchen section, with personal rice cookers (yay) for $100 (boo), but I bet I can get cheaper elsewhere, or even there if I am not holding up my pants with one hand. They also had an anime section, which I got a gift for takayla.

I could have spent hours there, but I have lost so much weight since last summer, my shorts weren't staying up. I'll go back, but only if I know how to select fresh squid, and have a recipe ready.
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