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CR turns 17!

My son, who they thought wouldn't make it past the first week of his life, is now in bonus overtime at 884 weeks. He didn't want a big party, and so we had a bunch of kids over at Shadowland (Laser-tag like place). We ate cake and pizza. In attendance besides CR and us parents were cyaneyed, the Heares, three of CR's friends (who did NOT go to Otakon; we lost more of his friends due to Otakon), mysticpaws, anyarm, and Brian.

It ended at 9, where takayla went out with mysticpaws and Brad (who arrived late) to go out drinking. It was a success, everyone got drunk. I stayed home and worked on upgrading the house's networking from 100mb to 1gb. I also arranged my SETI array fairly nicely. I thought that was the end of my evening.

But no! No, I got invited at the VERY last moment to go out with anyarm and Brian to pick up his midnight copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." I had never been to a Harry Potter event; they always scared me because creepy people dressed as Hagrid among children make me queasy. My book arrives later today via FedEx and Amazon.com, and I can wait. But it wasn't so bad. I say not "so" bad because there were severe crowding issues, even though the Borders in Fairfax is pretty big. And MAN, maybe it's just the foster parenting classes talking through my dark humor, but what an opportunity for pedophiles. Underaged kids and teens alike, wandering around in scant summer clothing, costumes, and even pajamas... unattended. But no creepy people seemed to be about, so it's all good. The majority of the attendees were teens, I'd say 13-17. Not many of them dressed in costume, it was mostly adults and little kids that did. And God(dess) bless them for it.

I wanted tot ake pictures. But I was stopped in the door by a Border's employee who said NO photos allowed, and either put away my camera, or be asked to leave. Luckily, anyarm, who could charm an Eskimo to buy an ice chest, took the camera and took some for me. THANK YOU ANYA! :)

I got an "exclusive" (meaning a pallet of 500 on a table) Harry Potter poster, which is really just the front cover, but I am not complaining.

The way they did the ordering was people stood in line for a number. Later, numbers were called out like boarding announcements at an airplane gate. "Now serving 800-850! Get in LINE!" But they never ran out of books, and after 1300, they just said anyone can line up because the store finally thinned out. It was 2:00am before we were able to get out.

I was so happy to see so many young readers. I said this to anyarm, but some... person of the vocal persuasion overheard me say, "It's so surreal to see this. I am so happy to see young kids caring this much about a fantasy book. Back in my day, you'd get beaten up if you so much as admitted you read for fun." That is true. But this kid, who was probably about 13 and gangly-awkward, started decrying how this was a sham, and that it's only because it's pop culture, and you still get beat up if some jock catches you reading Machiavelli or Voltaire. Man... stuck like glue, he did. I tried to brush him off, but anyarm did a better job and breaking him following us, even though I said it was too late at night to argue philosophy for me.

My hindsight wit says I should have mentioned he got beat up for different reasons other than his reading choice, but I am glad I didn't think of this, or worse, say it to an easily-bruised teenager's ego. I am 38, I shouldn't be trying to one up a kid. That's just pathetic.

I was thirsty and dizzy, so I got a latte iced tea from their inside coffee house... which was "Seattle's Best." I have a long history with that stupid company, and while I can honestly say that I didn't get a shirt tail in my coffee, nor spoiled whipped cream, my iced Latte wasn't very pleasant.

After that, we went home, put takayla to bed, and I ended up unable to sleep. Which is why this entry is at 6am.
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