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I hate bills

I really hate doing finances. I took them over in 1996 because takayla ran them from 1990-1996 when we had money problems the likes of which most of our current friends have never seen us with. But she was sick of doing them, and she ran them in "crisis mode," which is incredibly useful when you are shit poor, but the "pay the ones marked shutoff/final notice and toss the rest" is not a good long-term strategy. This is NOT a criticism on my part, takayla ran our money at a time when that strategy was the only option, and I am eternally and humbly grateful she did so, because I was a coward who was really sick of bill collectors.

takayla can lie, whereas I cannot.

I have run all our finances with the help of Excel spreadsheets since I took over, which has been a positive boon most of the time, but it still an incredible chore because, yes, I am one of those people who balance statements every month. Some of my friends who are more casual with their financial balances know full well that I tend to be annoying three months later when I ask them if they are every going to get around to depositing that $15 check I wrote them. I apologize for my anal-retentiveness in these matters, but it confounds me why someone may take 9 months to deposit a $150 check, and then the bank still takes it. Thank goodness I still have the money set aside.

How much did we pay for food in 1998? $6,419.06, which was 14.66% of total expenditures, second only to rent at 22.8%. There's an additional $536 in pizzas, along with $196 in Chinese delivery. I have checkbook carbons that date that far back, too, although I should really shred anything before 2000 at this point for security (if they are still legible).

But I am still really bad with money stress. Today I got a letter from the IRS stating I owe them $5000 + $2300 in late fees from my 2005 taxes, more than I paid in food, pizza, and Chinese in 1998. I can't see how this is possible, but we did them with H&R Block and paid a $60 "if you get audited, and we goofed, we pay!" insurance.

I will let you know how that goes.
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