punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Gahvbm errrr djjmmmmfff...zzzzz ...zzzzz

By Caffeine alone I set my mind in motion, by the beans of Java the thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking is a warning. By Caffeine alone I set my mind in motion.

Jesus Christ, I am exhausted. I am running on maybe 90 minutes of sleep. The reasons behind this are basically my finances, as skimmed before in a previous entry, behind. Part of my problem stemmed from the fact I sent out some checks that were sent back because the postage rates changed and the post office returned a few bills as "postage due" for a whopping 2 cents. I have some of my bills paid online automatically, but not all of them have this feature, or they want unfettered access to my checking account and automatically withdrawing at their whim, which I find very risky at best. I had a friend who got reamed by Vepco, for instance, when a slip of a decimal point made his $83.20 bill drain his bank account with an $832.00 charge (this was later fixed, but he bounced a lot of checks that month). But the end result for me is late fees upon late fees. And the IRS claiming I owe them money (I have to find my 2005 taxes, which should be in a neat envelope). I haven't balanced my checkbook, either, because by 4am, my brain was too fried to do math. Sadly, it's too fried now to do math, but at least I got checks out this morning. I still have to balance my statements, find my 2005 Taxes, and try and find money for next month.

Sadly, a casualty of this is that TCEP is most likely not doable. This is CR's graduating year, and we have photos and stuff to get, plus his school supplies, clothes, and the usual back-to-school stuff.

I'd drink more coffee, but after 2 cups, my stomach goes sour and I get jittery. I even ate breakfast when I got to work (which I rarely do), and that didn't wake me up, either. My best hope is to drink a lot of water, a trick I learned back with FanTek security, when we realized that sometimes, your tiredness was beyond coffee, and it started to work in the opposite way (or gave you a headache and nosebleeds).
Tags: caffeine, coffee, finances, money, sleepy, tcep
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