punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tattoos and Taxes... it's not too late...

Sweden - Medieval painting of some monsterSo, I am thinking about this for a tattoo ever since I saw it in the medieval museum in Stockholm. A Medieval dragon of sort, kinda cute, kinda fierce. While I liked Anne of Marlowe Ink for my first tattoo, her work is more black line ink, like for tribal and wire work. Her husband, James, doesn’t have a portfolio that jumps out at me. I don’t want to be a snob, but if I am going to pay $$$ for something that will be PERMANENT on my body, I will be this choosy.

That being said, Jason Camfiord out of Good Times Tattoo in Manassas looks really good for this kind of work (for instance, while I’d never get this tattoo, the anime art style is awesome). I may make an appointment with him when the money is better.

After all I have been through this year, on and off the blog, I think I need to mark it.

Some good news, however. I am in great debt to anyarm, who found our 2005 Taxes. It was SO fucking frustrating, because in the file cabinet with my taxes, I had taxes for years 1996-2004... and 2006. 2005 was somehow missing, and out of 11 tax returns, why that one? Why? Why why why?? What the fuck? I am SO SCREWED!!! I was SO fucking pissed, and my life seemed SO unfair. I mean, I am no Felix Unger, but stuff like taxes, passports, mortgage, and other import documents are all put in the same places. Where did 2005 go? I mean, I tore apart the house left and right, and managed to make three bags of trash out of the process (so, not a total pointless endeavor). I searched all the obvious places (bins of paperwork) and then was digging through non-obvious ones (DVD closet, fridge). This morning, angered from loss of sleep and no 2005 taxes, while anyarm took me to the Vienna Metro for work, I vented my frustrated rage and claims of foul play (by pooka, really, because who’d steal just one year of my taxes and nothing else?). She asked if she could look. I was shocked and skeptical. I didn’t want her going through my den, not because I hide anything in there I wouldn’t want my family to see, but wow... what a junk pile I have accumulated in there. I was literally afraid she’d get hurt if something fell on her, because some of those stacks of junk are fairly precarious. But she insisted, and I thought, “Okay. I will willingly let her go through my den and look around if she does not sue me because she got trapped under an avalanche of Legos.”

And she fucking found it. I am only placated by the fact it was NOT in any place I would have looked, and it truly needed another person, with the guide of Saint Anthony (patron saint of lost articles), to find the 2005 taxes in an unmarked manilla envelope inside a large paper mache mask. I mean... really. How the FUCK...? Never mind. I am glad she found it.

We have an appointment with H&R Block to determine what can be done about this letter from the IRS. Your old Uncle Punkie is a lot of things, but not a cheater of the IRS. I know, they are evil and all, and you can bury your heart at Ruby Ridge, but I am not as brave as some of you, and to me, it’s like refusing to pay Mafia protection money; there are some evils you just have to bow to. Personally, I think the government is running out of war money because my friend Brad and an online buddy have gotten similar letters for similar reasons: stock sales. I had a few stocks left when I was preparing to leave AOL and I cashed them out. Luckily, I kept records. Sadly, what e-Trade sent the IRS seems to disagree with the statements they sent me. Oddly, the statements I have say that I got more money than what they sent the IRS. While I doubt I am so lucky that the IRS will owe ME money... somebody is lying, and it isn’t me. This is why I pay for professionals to deal with it.

In Brad’s case, he did his taxes via a former roommate’s mom, who has no records. So he had to shell out $5000. Me? I did H&R Block, and paid for an extra “Peace of Mind” guarantee where H&R Block handles IRS disputes. We shall see if this was worth the money.
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