punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Death and Taxes

I have stolen new LJ Icons, and will be trying them out. The juicebox, it's Halloween for him, see? If only they had this shirt in XXL and wasn't yellow (I don't look good in yellow).

So, I got the 2005 taxes, and after talking with an H&RB tax consultant who looked like he was a Minnesota farmer 15 minutes away from his next stroke, it turns out it's either E-Trade's fault or AOL Time Warner's. What E-Trade sent me conflicted with what they told the IRS by a long shot. "You honestly claimed what they told you they owed you, but what the IRS has is different." So I after being put on hold for 30 minutes, I filed for an extension (30 days), and will be screaming at E-Trade for the next week. Looks like I will have to fish for more statements, too.

While I was on the phone with the IRS, two more people called in. They also got stock audits, and wanted appointments. It seems the IRS is sending these out en masse. What sucks is my letter is dated 7/2. I just got it last week (probably the 19th), and no wonder, it was sent via bulk mail. The deadline to file? August 1st (until I got the extension). Not a whole lot of time.

"I tell you Valiant, the whole thing stinks like yesterday's diapers!" - Baby Herman
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