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Happy Birthday, Scarlet

My friend and small leg-gripping pal Scarlet turned 9 last week, and we celebrated her last era of having a single digit age with a small barbecue (thanks, cheesy_reads, for cooking). It was an interesting party. I got to see Lanning, again, whom I have known since he had long hair, way back before we worked at AOL. cyaneyed nicked a roommate's car to make it. After a ton of gifts and Target gift cards (to her way of affording a new bike), she was whisked away for an all-expense paid vacation in Virginia Beach, courtesy of Pop-pop Travel and Lodging.

I also got to hang out with aksident and her cousin Jessica, which is always enjoyable. I know Jessica has been through some rough times in the last few years, and I am always rooting for her and her mom to make it through.

takayla was in Baltimore over the weekend, although she came home Saturday and Sunday nights. She was planning and working her friend Jamie's going-away party, where he's moving to Japan to work with JET. She's in Baltimore all this week, too, but for business. At least they are putting her up in a hotel: two weeks ago she had to drive back and forth to Baltimore every day, which cost us over $120 in gas money. Jesus. The reason she's in Baltimore so much is that they are losing employees, notably management, in droves. takayla, who is head of IT, HR, payroll, and who knows what else; it's a small company. She's also in the middle of a huge office move and a VoIP install, which she's going to have at our house, too, and one of the reasons I had to upgrade our home network to GB.

Sunday, I hung out with anyarm and Brian to Potomac Mills. I also wanted to go to Ikea, but my back started to hurt for reasons I can only speculate that I must have slept on it wrong. I went to my Mecca: the Lego Outlet there. Sadly, my back hurt so damn much, I was unable to bend at the waist, so I didn't get everything I wanted to (or might have wanted to get; I couldn't even see what was on the lower shelves). I ended up getting a Lego plate, and a bag of assorted windows and doors (for my RHDA training, explained a little later in another post), a bag of axles and connectors (for a project I am doing this week: build a working 5-speed transmission and clutch out of Legos), a large green plate (RHDA), and some brick keychains. Hardly a haul. One cool new thing they have there is "build your own mini-fig." They have a box of assorted Lego mini-fig parts, and you can build yourself or others for $2.99 each. A bit steep, but I think I may do this for Christmas this year.

My back is fine today. Reminds me of a bad pun:

A Tibetan woman, smelling something burning in the kitchen, complains, "Oh! My baking yak!"

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