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Personal effects

They say that Stockholm is one of the top four cities in the world where if you lose your wallet or mobile phone, you're the most likely to get it back. Being sorta Swedish, I take pride in that.

Next to my bed is the wallet of a Maria H. It's a small billfold with a cutout heart. Inside are a secured credit card, a debit card, two medical lab cards, a BJ's membership, $72 in cash, a photo, a small calendar, and 860 Philippine "Pisos" (which is like $18 USD). I think the photo is of Maria, or someone who looks a lot like her, based on the photo on her BJ's membership. It looks like a passport pose, although it's on regular photo paper. No other ID.

We found it on the way back from CR's senior photo shoot. It was on the ground, and surrounded by the US cash. I think we got it all.

I wasn't sure what to do, so I called her debit card, which is the same bank as my bank. I was on hold for 35 minutes in the "lost and stolen" queue. Luckily, when someone answered, it wasn't LaTisha the open mouthed sassy gum chewer like I usually get, but some nice lady who had a clear voice and a slight southern accent. She canceled the card, which I debated on calling the bank because of that but had to do something, and I left her my cell number so when they call Maria, they can give her my number so we can arrange a pickup.

I feel good about this. Maybe that's arrogant, but I would be FREAKED if I lost my wallet, and would pray and pray someone honest found it and gave it back, haunted by despair that people are dishonest and would steal my identity.
Tags: honesty, money, sweden, wallet
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