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Maria picked up her wallet


A few hours after that post, I got a call from some guy who sounded like he was 900 years old and in a Barcalounger. "I got sum bank call me. I heard you found mah wife's wallet?"

Yissir. So you're the husband of Maria?

A sound like the combination of a gasp and cough ended like it said, "Ayuh."

All kinds of thoughts ran through my head. Old white dude. Young Philippine wife. Stereotypes. Okay. Maybe people accuse my Uncle of the same thing, I shouldn't be so judgmental. Uncle Chuck met Aunt Angela in Taiwan in 1970 while my Uncle was doing Uncle Sam Vietnam Tour. So, maybe Mr. H was touring the Philippines and met this... man, that girl must have been 40 years his junior from the sound of that voice. Anyway, he sends his wife to come pick it up. They live right around the block in the same neighborhood, which I gathered because we found it on the local footpath on the way to the shopping center.

I met the woman, who seemed cute. Probably only in her 30s. Typical Mestizo frame: short, plump, round, and small. She was wearing casual yet professional clothing. Matched the picture on the photos. She called my cell phone twice, but I was unable to pick up because I was on the phone with work. But I saw the car out front, and so when I hung up, I walked outside with the wallet. I saw her dial her cell phone, and my phone rang. I knocked on her window.

I must have scared that poor woman to death. She at first seemed really scared of me and very mousy, but after a few sentences, she warmed up and thanked me. "I just came back from the Philippines," she said with a perfect grasp of American English with only the hint of an accent. "My sister just died, and my husband let me go and take care of things."

There was a lot of thanking and then she got back in her immaculate mid-90s car, and drove away.

I did my deed for the day.
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