punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Three hours of sleep and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

I was up until 3am doing bills. I hate bills. Luckily, American Express may be able to help me out with a consolidation at 5.99% fixed while the high credit card is 18.9%. I am going to have to ditch that card; 7 years ago it was only 11.9%.

Here's an odd one: Wachovia, which has our equity loan we used to replace the damaged deck, did not send me statements for two months. So I called them. "We didn't get your payment for July, so when that happens, we don't send you any new statements after one is missed. You are now two payments behind." I am two payments behind? "If you don't send a payment that was due August 16th..." Was due? Don't you mean "will be due?" Silence. "Sorry sir, we made a mistake, we will wave the late fee." Uh... wh... you know what? Never mind. How about I send you what I think I owe you? Like July's payment and this month's? "Okay, sure... [pause two three four...] wait, what?"

Hire the stoned: they are fun to converse with.
Tags: bills, credit cards, finances, money, stoners, wachovia
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