punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

More honesty tests

So, you recall my entry about returning that wallet, right? That's not the only time I have run into this in the last week.

While walking around Lake Forest Mall with tth, I went to get some money from the ATM. The screen said, "If you'd like to cancel your withdraw, please press cancel." A few seconds later, a Visa card popped out. We returned it to the info desk.

On Saturday, at Starbucks, I saw a $50 bill on the floor. I asked a woman it was next to was that hers. She looked down, and gasped. "Yes! Oh my God, thank you!"

At work, I found a fold of $20s in a money clip. Well, the top bill was a $20, I don't know about the rest. It belonged to an employee who lost it when he got to work, and had spent the first hour of his shift looking for it in the parking lot. He was very happy.

On the Metro, a woman reached into her backpack while on the cell phone. A small roll of dollar bills fell out, and she didn't know. I handed it back to her, and she seemed shocked and hesitant; it took me three tries to convince her it was hers. She finally looked in her back pack, and realized the crazy dude on the subway wasn't trying to buy drugs off her.

These events so rarely happen to me. Now a bunch in a row. I have this fear that instead of being tested for my honesty, God is smacking his forehead going, "I am trying to help you out financially, you nimrod! DANG!"
Tags: fate, honesty, money
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