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Productive weekend

My arthritis is killing me, especially my arms, wrists, and hands. My sinuses are agchk! I am also so cold for some reason.

But this weekend I got a lot done. In order to avoid paying taxes I don't owe, I had to find my old e-Trade paperwork, which I did find, so I'll probably give them a call this week to yell at them. But in the process, I shredded almost five 13 gallon trash bags worth of paperwork. In addition to some old bills I had, I had a lot of catalogs, convention materials, and printouts of various projects I had at work. When I left AOL, I sort of did this whole paperwork dump to a box that contained work reviews, network diagrams, project charts, expense reports and the like. I went from 5 boxes down to one and a half. It felt good.

I also cleaned out a hallway closet somewhat. One of the reasons I clean is that when others clean for me, the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality seems to predominate. Thus, I had a hallway closet that was little more than a trash heap. I am not kidding: I ran into broken yogurt containers, pizza boxes, broken bottles, plastic cups, old busted shoes, crushed boxes, almost a dozen plastic soda bottles ranging from 16oz to 2 liter, and residue from a Hollywood-themed party I had in 2004. There was also a motley collection of old video game systems that date back to the NES and Sega 64 (none of them work, I am sure, but I boxed them anyway). That closet generated 2 bags of trash on its own.

My SETI arrayI also straightened out the utility room in our house. I had made quite a mess upgrading our home network to GB LAN and re-installing my SETI array, and so I cleaned that up, and the result you see to the right. There's still a bunch of crap to throw away, but now it's not all on the floor anymore :).

The rest of the night, I played Dungeon Keeper 2. I hadn't played that in a long while, and I saw on a board how to play it on XP (when I upgraded to XP a few years ago, it wouldn't play, which made me very sad) with a patch. I really love that game. That and Quake 2 are games I have never found a decent replacement to. Overlord looks a lot like DK2, as far as gameplay, and Serious Sam kinda replaced Quake 2 for me, but not really.

Of course, I still haven't found a decent replacement to M.U.L.E. either, so I am stuck in the past :)

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